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Practical Advice if You Have Had a Fall

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This page gives a step-by-step approach for what to do if you have had a fall

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There is also a video version of this chart, showing the steps and how they should be done.  It also includes information on planning ahead in case of a fall.  The video is called "Getting Up From a Fall and Planning Ahead".

Video ScreenYou can watch the video on-line here by clicking one of the links below.  Both are Windows Media files.

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Terms of use:  This on-line copy may be played on a computer from these links only. The video is copyright and may not be downloaded, copied, duplicated or used in any other way without permission.

You can purchase copies on DVD or VHS cassette.  See the Falls Film page for details.  The video was produced by the Berkshire East Falls Service Implementation Group and the Health Promotion Resources Department.


"I've had a fall"
Fallen & on floor
"I can get up..."

Down arrow tail
Down arrow head
"I can't get up..."
On to elbowsEase yourself up onto your elbows Banging stick for attention

Can I attract attention?

Shout and bang something
Onto hands & kneesMove onto your hands and knees

Using pendant alarm

Press your pendant alarm or use the telephone if you can
Hold onto a chairHold onto a firm surface to support yourself

Can I get comfortable?

Using a pillowFind a nearby pillow or cushion or use rolled up clothing for a pillow

Pull up into standing positionFacing the chair ease yourself to a standing position Find a jumper

Can I keep warm?

Cover yourself with clothing, tablecloth or rug

Turn & sit on chairTurn yourself gently and sit on a firm surface

Can I keep moving?

Flexing feetRaising & lowering legs

  • Move position to avoid getting pressure sores
  • Move joints to avoid stiffness and help circulation
  • Roll away from damp area if your bladder "lets go"
Always tell your GP or health professional about your fall
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